Friday, September 05, 2008


My WCOOP schedule is as follows

Event #1 $216 nl 6max 1mill
Event #6 $530 nl 3mill
Event #9 $215 nl 4max 400k
Event #10 $215 Razz 100k
Event #12 $320 mixed hold em 6 max 300k
Event#20 $1050 nl 3mill
Event #22 $530 mixed hi-lo 200k (sattelited in for $115, not part of syndicate)
Event#26 $320 6max 500k

also a $320 satt to the main event.

I hope to sat into a few more in the next couple of days. ONE time STars plzzzzz.
GL all playing, but can i have just a little bit more please ty.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Challenge, done-ish

In 2 days of grinding thunders and a bit of PLO on dtd i withdrew the £250 i deposited and was left with the £550 for the dtd deepstack tommorow afternoon at 3:00pm. 15k chips and a 90 minute clock i think, should be good for me and i really think ill put on a good show.

had a 2nd in the $50w1(cubed) on tilt a few nights ago for $4,600. Was a strange night i was in the top 10 in chips of 5/6 of the tournies i had left. Took some brudel brudel beats but this made up for it.

Im concentrating on full tilt more than stars at the moment as i have rakeback on there, and i always seem to be better with the majority of my roll on one sight and just depositing bits and bobs on other sites for shots.

I really wanna get cracking on Ipoker but this laptop stops me from downloading it. arrrrrrrg.
there are a few good afternoon-early evening comps i like on there so ill see if i can fix this soddin laptop.

Ive been hovering around the early teens in the pocket fives Uk rankings. I feel that i should be Top 10 here however some of the guys play 7 sites contributing to their scores whereas i play just stars and tilt.

So a 4pm-9pm sesh playing everything on tilt, gotta be in bed by about 2:00am for an afternoon train to notts to win this deepstack. First prize should be around £22,000 so lets bring it home.

Also i gotta give my mate Jeannie a shout, she is one of only 2/3 female readers i have so Hi, your brill!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Little challenge...

Since last post things have improved slightly, Won the $70 ko 28k on tilt for $6.4k and won a couple of $75 45 man sng's as well as getting deep in a few. Confidence is back and im back playing to scratch.

So this week sees the DTD deep stack festival hit the club. Ive decided since, playing live costed an abs fortune the last few times ive travelled, to set myself a challenge on the DTD site for the next few days.

Ive deposited £250 into the account and the new balance is £251.79p lol.

I will start on the £11 thunders and use a 25BI roll and hopefully i will progress to the £30's if i put the right volume up. This should see me cruise to my target.

My target is £1500

  • £250 back into bank which i deposited
  • £550 deepstack freezout on friday
  • £330 on the saturday if i am KO'd from the Deepstack
  • £170 for hotel
  • £200 for travel and expences

ill update this blog daily. More often if i win.

£250 = £11 thunders

£500 = £22 thunders

£750= £30 thunders

£1250 = £50 thunders. By this stage i should have hopefully completed the challenge.

So monday the 18th august im gonna start about 3ish and play 100 of these today and see what happens.

OBV im gonna have to put some massive volume in or run like god to do this in 4 days, so i wish myself GL.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bits and Bobs

Since the $19k ship on stars my online form has been really bad.
The only saving grace's have been my form in the $69+5 45man sng on tilt.

The last few days have provided a little encouragement with a 3rd in the $70 4pm bounty on tilt and a win in a stars $100fo, alas only 36 runners entered, i must register late next time ;)

They were good to the tune of $1900 and $1380 respectively. But ive been having up to $1500 worth of buyins per day so could do with a few more decent wins, even though ive cut my schedule down due to the following;

If im 5-8 tabling the mtt's and deep in one, ill unconsciously focus all my attention on that one, and start doing retarded things in the others, like calling 3bets oop with sooted cons and suchlike.

Ive decided just to play 4 comps a day on tilt and stars, starting at 4pm and finishing at 8pm

However the FTOPS starts tonight with a $215 buyin 6max with 1million guaranteed so ill be playing that. I might do a report from every FTops event i play.

Ive played a few live comps with frustratingly little success recently

£750 at DTD 10k chips - never got above starting stack, had to make some big laydowns and ended up going out with 88 v AJ for a 15k pot.

£220 at DTD- had huge chips 14 out and managed to get 12th went competely OTT trying to hammer the table and they ended up hammering me.

£330 broadway, got a disappointing 16th/91 in this, the struture was ridiculous missing out levels, i was comfortable all the way untill the 1k/2k 200 level where i had to make a few reshoves, I open raised with 35k stack to 5200 with AJd and was called by the BB, the flop came AT9 he check raised me all in i called to be shown a set of nines. GG

£500- broadway, bumped into a crazy local rich donk who called by 3 bet on the flop with A4 on a J23 i had KJ and hit his ace to leave me short early on, called his raise with 89dd and flop of Jd Ts 4d was good enough for me to ship my remaining chips in, he had A5dd lol, and the black ace on the turn was no good.

£330 dtd - played really well on day one, not showing many hands at all, no showdowns, just picking up blinds and antes with ease. ended day 1 with 61k.
Day 2 started as day1 ended, picking up a lot of blinds. However they moved me tables, which i think cost me a final place. I had to adjust to this new table and tighten up. I raise TT and gets 3 bet and shoved on by two AK;s sigh, i raised QK sooted and guy shoves, again showing AK after i folded, Then a young kid raised the button to 7k with 37k back and i have 66 on the sb i decide im having none of this and pop it to 19k abs commiting myself is he shoves, he took a while and shoved AJo he hit a jack and i was low, Shoved 22 into wernick's AK and he spiked gg me.

Ill try and update the blog when i get time.

GL to Pab, moomin, gregior, flushy alexmartin, maldini, geeforce, johne147, and every1 else i know tackling the gukpt luton. Its my dads 50th on friday so i cant make it. GL ALL rick.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Part Two

So the main event had finished and myself and booder decided to go for a nice and cheap 90 min sweedish massage, and then pop to the hotel bar for a bit of snap and a few beers.

We got talking to a nice american bloke who seemed to have been there done that, got the T-shirt. If youve been to tenerife he's been to elevenerife etc... He invited myself booder and tracy to macau horse races the next day and as this would be the last time we had a chance to visit, we thought it folly to refuse.

So that was the plan then , couple more beers bet and up earlyish, bout mid-day for the races.

Plans dont always go according to plan with me however and i decided to put a mammouth drinking/online poker session in. i got no sleep and was like a walking zombie come the races.

I made a smallish profit at the races, booder lost. I got a maccy D's on the way home and set my alarm for 2:00am about the time the decent tournies started accross the sites.

Stayed up till about 1:00pm when i took down the $100 fo on bluesq for abut $4k, which saw a now infamous picture of me lazing about playing.

The next day i played the $500 daily freezout at the casino, and played really well, ammassing a load of chips 2 tables out (70 started) until i clashed with the othr big stack at my table after i 3-bet him preflop with TT and he 4-bet pushed, i decided he was full of it and was up against A3 he spiked and i was crippled. Managed to get to the final but only 6 spots paid and i crashed out in 8th after one of the many cardracks on the table woke up with JJ after id pushed over the top of a button raiser with 97s.

Tuesday the 27th novemeber was out last full day so we went out to a few casino's, The palms, Star city, for a few drinks, and then to Mortons steak restuarant for the best steak ive ever had. A few bottles of red and we were ready for a good kip for the long trip back.

Was a brilliant time over there and i'll be trying my bollocks off to qualify for this years, which isnt far away.

On monday i took down the stars $55fo 100k for $19,100 Which is my best online result for quite a while. Im upto 17th in the pocketfives Uk rankings. Im still struggling a little on full tilt for some reason with only a 3% ROI over 566 tournies. On stars i have a 90% ROI over 1600, so im either overperforming on one or underperforming on the other. Time will tell i suppose.

Next week im going to play the 1st mini festival at Dusk Till Dawn where there is a £750 fo main event, a £220 side event and lots of cash action. One time please. I'll try and keep this blog updated more often now.

So far this year online im $52k in profit from stars, $1,300 lol from tilt, $5,200 from Ipoker , $2300 from party, which isnt ad considering the shitty start to the year i had. Those close to me will know what i mean.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Macau trip report Part 1

Starting off from the last post.


Set off for an aurdous (cant be spelt right) journey to macau which involved, a taxi to chesterfield train station, 3 trains to stansted and a 14 hour non stop flight to hong kong airport. When there a ferry to macau. My good mate Booder who won a seat through minimal fpp points brought his sister trace.
When the ferry aproached macau the first thing i remember seeing was the sands casino with bright red neon lights and i already had a buzz in my stomach anticipating the next week of fun and poker.
We arrived at the grand waldo casino and it looked beautiful, just what i imagined a big vegas hotel to look like. We knew stars were holding a welcoming party in one of the bars in the hotel so were very eager to dump our things, get a quick shower and head off to the party and consume a lot of free alcohol.

Booder and trace checked in without a problem whilst i had a major problem. My name wasnt down on the list. I immedieatly started to monkey tilt, knowing everyone would be up in the bar enjoying the music and free beer. I panicked and demanded answers. Someone gave me the name of a stars rep and told me to go see her about the room, "she will be in the party" i bet she will was my tiltish reply.

I decided the best course of action was to take my suitcase in booders room, slip into a shirt, have a quick spray of lynx and aftershave and head to the party.
I did this but before i could relax i needed to find this broad to sort my room out.
We entered the monkey bar and i tracked down this lass. She appologised, tolt me to enjoy the party and she would sort it out in the next hour. This wasnt something i liked to hear but managed to keep my composure, after all a few bevvies would calm the clam down a tad.

Right up to the bar, booder and trace order a calsberg, (sigh) my explanation of whats the best value to order from a free bar fell on deaf ears as i proceeded to order 2 tequila sunrises, one for my non existent buddy who was in the khazi. We sat on the bar stools and enjoyed the scantily clad dancers while getting smashed. By now i had consumed various concoxions of alcohol and was heading for the dancefloor. Booder and trace meanwhile were ready for some kip and decided not to take advantage of the free bar.

Not a big problem for me as i had made a few drinking buddies and news that my room was sorted gave a welcome boost and soon my dancing shoes were in full motion, dancing with a certain miss mercier was cool until bill Chen saw my advances as untoward and proceeded to do anything in his living power to stop me acheiving my aim of seduction. Mercier continued dancing and called me a dance donk which was funny. I think me and isabelle were the last 2 in the bar. Unfortunately she rejected my proposal of a room party and i headed up to the room to get a few hours, sleep temporariy forgetting that the main event $2500 buyin was starting in about 6 hours UPS.

Pab met me and booder at the casino in the morning and managed to get on the alternate list as me and booder drew the same table. The competition started very bad for me and i didnt play well at all. I had raised a lot in the first level and couldn't connect to a flop for love nor money.

I raised it up with AT and got flatted from the bb from an aussie who seemed like he knew the game from how he was talking. The flop was a good one for me AT2 and was happy for the aussie to donk lead 300 into the 325 pot. I decided to play this straight forwardly and make it 1025. The aussie then flat called. The turn brought a queen and he checked to me. I didnt like this card one bit and maybe should have checked behind on the turn and possibly called a bet on the river. I however bet 1800 only for aussie to jam in for 7k total. I tanked for an eternity. I still had 6k left at 50/100 and couldnt see anything that i beat apart from QTs but even that didnt make sense to me. I decided to lay it down. The next two levels passed without a single playable hand and i ended up getting 4k in at 100/200 with KTs on a KQx vs QK and that ended my disappointing tournament. Booder started really well, hitting a few hands and getting paid and was upto 24k when i retired to my room to get some kip. Unfortunately a few hours later Booder knocked on my door with the inevitable bad beat which cost him his chips.

We were both out of the tournament but we still had 6 days left in macau and we werent going to squander it..

Friday, November 09, 2007

Holy Macau!

just won a $109ds for a $4,500 package to macau. Im delighted as i bubbled for a seat last week in the step 6 qualifier. My mate booder won his seat from fpp points so its guaranteed to be a good trip. Since stars give you the option of a twin room or single room ive decided to take my dad. The flights are £316 return which isnt at all bad.

Blackpool northern Lights festival starts this weekend and encorporates the GUKPT main event. I have tossed and turned about this schedule as i dont like some of the events and refuse to buy in directly to the main event. Theres a super sat tonight on BSQ so ill nip to the boozer for a few early bar ales, nip back at 9 (maybe) and see what i can do.

If i fail to win a seat to the main event, my plan for blackpool is this.

Arrive with my mate ash on sunday and play the £150 double chance. Stay overnight. Ive jut gotten onto the 24 bandwagon so will take season 3 with me so i can mooch about all day monday watching it, then probably play the £300 with one rb or addon like a freezout and only add-on if its essential. I will play the £500 freezout on the tuesday. If i get any scores in these 3 events ill stay for the main event. Ill play some single table's for a seat to main and prob chuck about £250 at it if need be.

Since i won the macau seat last night, which is only a week after blackpool I will be fine if i miss the main event. But obv id love to play it.

Watched my t.v debut this week and was a little disappointed in the hands that were and were not shown. Although i didnt get as much stick as i expected from the commentators for stacking off with KQ. My game plan 3 handed was to steamroll these guys but i fell at the first hurdle. Meh.

Gl to all in whatever ventures take your fancy this weekend and next week. Rick